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The tertiary sector: services for our wellbeing


The service sector

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Before reaching our hands, the products that we buy have been on a long journey.

Think, for example, of a bag of crisps. First, the farmer must cultivate the land to grow potatoes. Then, the potatoes go to a factory where they are peeled, cut, fried and chemically treated. Finally, they are packaged and sent to the supermarkets and shops where we can buy them.

A bag of crisps could never reach our hands (and our stomachs!) without the intervention of the tertiary sector, which offers products and services to people and businesses.

With the following activities you will discover the importance of the tertiary sector in our lives. You will learn about some businesses and services in your city and you will make an informative audioguide.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

The importance of the tertiary sector.

The tertiary sector in our city.

The informative audioguide.

Self-evaluation of the audioguide.



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In this sequence we will be using:

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The search engine

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  • Woices

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